Scottish Beer & Pub Association launches new voluntary code for tied pubs

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The Scottish Beer and Pub Association (SBPA) has today welcomed a new Code of Practice for tied tenants in Scotland, enshrining protections for pubs across the country, which will come into effect at the same time as the English & Welsh Statutory Code. The Scottish code will serve as a binding code of practice for pub-owning businesses, with protections for tied pub tenants and continued access to low-cost dispute resolution procedures.  

Commenting, SBPA Chief Executive Brigid Simmonds said: 

“This Code is a landmark for Scottish tied pubs, setting out protections for tenants, and is the first designed specifically for Scotland.

“The pub sector in Scotland is hugely different to the rest of the UK. What works for pubs in England and Wales doesn’t necessarily suit the industry in Scotland.

“This code takes into account the unique nature of the Scottish tied pub trade, providing the best balance of what works for  pubs in Scotland, whilst also protecting much needed investment in both the pub sector and local economies across the country.

“The Code also allows Scottish tenants access to independent, low-cost resolution procedures for rent, through PIRRS, and for other issues through PICA-Service, both of which have Scottish-specific expert representation.

“The tied pub sector, whilst only making up a small percentage of Scottish pubs, is a fantastic opportunity for self-employed entrepreneurs to get a low cost means of entry into business ownership. The industry also serves as a major employer of the nation’s young people, offering lifelong career opportunities in a vibrant sector that is vital to Scotland’s larger economy.

“At a time of immense pressure on small businesses, this new Code, alongside continued support from the Scottish Government through schemes such as the Small Business Bonus Scheme and measures to alleviate the unfair tax burden on pubs, can continue to promote investment in the industry and local economies across the country.

“The announcement of this Code is a further sign of the industry’s determination to work alongside a range of stakeholders through self-regulation, in order to continue to promote a healthy pub sector that is vital to Scotland. The Code ensures this will be done in a responsible, joined-up way, supported by significant capital investment across the country.”

The code is available here: Code of Practice Scotland