Uncategorised / 18 June 2020

No Date for Beer Gardens and Outdoor Areas for Pub Sector

Following the First Minister’s announcement this afternoon that the decision on re-opening outdoor areas of pubs, bars and other licensed venues will be reviewed on 2 July, 2020, Emma McClarkin CEO of the Scottish Beer & Pub Association (SBPA) said:

“Pubs and bars across Scotland will be somewhat disappointed by this announcement, with many expecting to be given a definitive date today for re-opening their outdoor space to allow them to start preparing to open again. That’s sadly not the case, with these businesses now having to wait a further two weeks before any clarity on when they can welcome back their customers into beer gardens and other outdoor areas.

“The First Minister committed the Government to working with our industry over the next two weeks and we will enthusiastically engage in that to get our pubs and bars re-open as soon as possible. With our industry now going three months without any customers and fighting for survival, that opportunity cannot come soon enough.

“While the re-opening of outdoor space would provide some relief to parts of our sector, the vast majority of pubs will be looking towards the 15th July for the full re-opening. Even then, there remains issues for our sector that need to be addressed to properly unlock the economic boost our pubs can contribute to the national economy.

“Continuing to operate at a two metre social distance will make opening financially unviable for many and could results in over 23,600 job losses in our sector alone. A survey of our members shows that moving to the World Health Organisation backed one metre distance that many other countries have adopted would allow the majority of premises to safely open their doors again.”

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