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Campaign for beer duty cuts moves up a gear in Scotland, with new postcard campaign.

SBPA post card

The Scottish Beer & Pub Association has teamed up with CAMRA and SIBA to call for Scottish support to reduce the beer duty burden on Scotland’s pubs, The organisations are distributing postcards via the Scottish Licenced Trade news today.

Publicans can send it off to their local MP to show how important a reduction in beer duty is to the prosperity of the Scottish pub trade, particularly at a time when there are a wide range of other pressures affecting licensees.

The postcard calls on Scottish Parliamentarians to write to the Chancellor, George Osborne, ahead of the 2016 Budget on 16th March, asking for a further one penny in duty off a pint.

The last three Budgets have seen three consecutive, one penny cuts following the end of the beer duty escalator, which saw beer taxes rise by a staggering 42 per cent, from 2008 to 2013.

This has brought great benefits, with a pub pint now estimated to be 20 pence cheaper than it would have been under previous tax policy.  It has also boosted employment in pubs by 19,000 across the UK including over 1,300 in Scotland.

The postcard also highlights the huge discrepancy between the duty paid by Scots and other beer drinkers in Europe. Scots pay a huge 52 pence per pint, compared to just 4 pence in Germany and Spain.

Analysis from 2013 showed that beer drinkers in Scotland paid more in beer duty than the whole of Spain and more than twice that of the Czech Republic, the world’s biggest per capita beer drinker – at over £300 million per year.

Brigid Simmonds, Chief Executive, Scottish Beer & Pub Association, says:

“This is a great campaign that the whole industry can get behind. On line readers can get involved too, via ‘email your MP’ tools from the BBPA at and CAMRA. The more people in Scotland who back the campaign, the better the chance of a historic, fourth cut in beer duty.”

Scottish Beer & Pub Association comments on first anniversary of change in drink drive laws

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Commenting on the first anniversary of the change in the drink drive laws in Scotland, Brigid Simmonds Chief Executive of the Scottish Beer & Pub Association, said:

“We welcome any reduction in drink driving, but there is no doubt that the changes have put pressure on pubs, particularly in rural areas.

“We would like both the UK and the Scottish Governments to help pubs in other ways, with strong support for further reductions in beer duty during this Parliament, and tackling the huge business rates burden faced by community and high street pubs, including further extension of the Small Business Bonus Scheme, and support for a new rate of VAT on pub and restaurant meals.