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    25 April 2021

    [embed][/embed] On the day of hospitality reopening in Scotland, the Scottish Beer & Pub Association (SBPA) are requesting that changes are made to the levels route map. Changes can be justified by positive progress continuing to be made and the sector demonstrating its ability to trade safely and responsibly. The industry is asking for the extension of opening hours back to normal licensing times, which at the moment is not scheduled to be reintroduced until Level 0. The SBPA says that the current arrangement means that many pubs won’t be viable given the restricted trading hours- risking business failures just as the recovery period should be starting. Making the request, SBPA President Edith Monfries said: “It is fantastic to see Scotland’s pubs and bars reopening again today. Teams coming back and reconnecting with customers and communities is an important first step, and everyone is excited to get going again. “For many premises the ongoing restrictions mean they still cannot open and even for those who are opening their doors again today, the restrictions make a return to profitability difficult and many will operate at a deficit until further progress through the levels. “We completely understand and appreciate the cautious approach being adopted by Government in seeking to limit the spread of the virus, and so do the businesses we represent. They have invested, taken on debt and worked tirelessly to ensure their businesses are safe places for customers and staff to return to and take seriously their responsibilities.  “On top of today’s reopening, the current decline in prevalence of the virus coupled with the vaccination roll-out give reasons to be optimistic. That is why we are requesting that if we continue to see positive progress and if there are no major hospitality related incidents, that the Government consider allowing a return to licensing hours. “Unfortunately, the maintenance of the curfew severely limits profitable hours and for many of Scotland licensed premises, it could be the difference between survival and bankruptcy. “Removing the curfew restrictions in time for 17 May would provide an enormous boost to the whole licensed trade and deliver renewed confidence in the sector, which would be hugely welcomed by everyone in the trade. Let us show we are safe, and then let us trade viably so we can kickstart Scotland’s recovery together.” [embed][/embed]  

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  • Scottish Beer & Pub Association Launches Manifesto for Sector Recovery

    14 April 2021

    The Scottish Beer & Pub Association (SBPA), the leading trade association for pubs and breweries in Scotland, has today launched its manifesto in which it sets out a clear list of priorities for politicians in spearheading the recovery and future of the sector. As part of the manifesto, it is also seeking to engage prospective MSPs to commit to a four-point pledge of support. Central to the manifesto is a commitment from Parliament that 2021 will be a year of supported recovery for a sector that employs 67,000 people in Scotland and in a pre-covid year would be a national economic powerhouse and bedrock for local communities. The Scottish Beer and Pub Association is calling for a Scottish pubs sector strategy and recovery plan, a dedicated Covid recovery fund and a Scottish Pubs Minister to lead the recovery. In addition, it is asking for eight regulatory commitments, including that coronavirus restrictions will be based on regular science-based reviews, assurances the restrictions will be lifted in full in time and a moratorium in the new Parliament on further legislation that will place extra cost burdens on the sector. Support for a new industry led apprenticeship scheme to drive job creation and skills, a funded green economy plan for beer and pubs and policy changes to stimulate responsible drinking including in incentivising lower strength drinks, are also in the manifesto. Prospective MSPs are being asked to sign a pledge to: Champion Scotland’s pubs, bars & breweries Help the sector’s Covid-19 recovery Recognise that pubs are the largest community outreach network Put pubs and bars at the heart of community and town centre regeneration planning Launching the manifesto President of the Scottish Beer and Pub Association, Edith Monfries said: “There are over 4000 pubs in Scotland and 130 breweries contributing £1.66bn to the economy and paying £785m in wages. Fast tracking the recovery of our sector will be critical to Scotland’s economic and social recovery. In our manifesto today we set out our clearly defined route-map for success which we hope the next government will listen to and work with us to make happen. “We need a long-term plan that makes Scottish pubs and breweries sustainable for the future so that Scotland’s vibrant hospitality and tourism sector can thrive once again.“Pubs are the bedrock of every community and constituency in Scotland, central to social recovery and part of the solution to heal isolated communities so we appeal to prospective MSPs to join us in signing up to our pledge to support Scotland’s pubs and breweries.”

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  • Level 3 Restrictions to Cause 79% Drop in Turnover

    09 April 2021

    The Scottish Beer & Pub Association (SBPA) has called for a fairer deal for the country's pubs, bars and other licensed venues ahead of expected reopening later this month, which they say is currently ‘grossly unfair’. Under current plans, pubs and bars will be severely limited in their ability to trade viably once allowed to reopen but will receive no extra support in comparison to other sectors which will be able to trade close to normal as soon as they open their doors. A survey carried out by the trade body showed that the Level 3 restrictions will see estimated turnover fall by 79%, making the majority of Scotland’s licensed venues entirely unviable. Pubs, bars and other late-night venues will receive the same amount as a café or fast-food in grant support, despite the restrictions having a much more damaging impact on the licensed trade. Commenting, SBPA CEO Emma McClarkin said: “The economic support provided by both governments has been instrumental in preventing business failures, but the current arrangement is grossly unfair to our sector. A café or fast-food outlet will be able to trade almost as normal from the 26th of April, whereas our sector will see turnover drop by 79%, but both will receive the same level of grant support. “Due to the nature of our business, a huge percentage of trade takes place in the evening but we’ve still no date for when we will be able to return to normal licensing hours. This means that many hospitality businesses are completely in the dark as to when they will return to profitability, with no further economic support from the Scottish Government expected. Even at Level 2, the restrictions on hours will see pubs down 20% on turnover. “Once again Scotland’s pubs and bars will be at a competitive disadvantage to those in England, where all limitations on trading times will be removed later this month. The Scottish Government must look again at the curfew and allow us to return to regular licensing hours as soon as possible, or provide those businesses impacted with adequate financial support to get them through. “The current arrangement is simply unfair to the licensed trade and the thousands of employees who work in the sector.”

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  • Scottish pubs to miss out on selling 8 million pints this Easter due to forced closure

    01 April 2021

    The Scottish Beer & Pub Association (SBPA), the leading trade association representing brewers and pubs, has today revealed that Scottish pubs will miss out on selling 8 million pints this Easter due to the fact they are required to remain closed. It means those looking to celebrate the Easter bank holiday weekend cannot do so at their local, either for a pint in the beer garden or for a roast dinner. Pubs remain closed in Scotland until 26th April at the earliest, when they should be able to open but with alcohol outdoors only. This will be followed by full-indoor reopening on 17th May, but there is still no date for when all restrictions will be removed. According to the SBPA, the loss of beer sales from this Easter bank holiday weekend alone will result in the sector losing out on £31 million in trade across Scotland that would have been crucial to its recovery. More importantly though, it is the second Easter in a row where Scotland’s pubs will not be able to open their doors to customers, meaning families and friends have not been able to celebrate the occasion or enjoy their Easter holiday by visiting their local for a pint or pub dinner for 2 years in a row. The trade association also said the forced closure of pubs this Easter weekend was even more sad because the weather is set to be good, meaning in usual circumstances people would make the most of the pub beer garden. The SBPA says it is crucial that pubs in Scotland can re-open and trade as soon as possible, and the Scottish Government sets a date for the complete removal of restrictions. Emma McClarkin, Chief Executive of the Scottish Beer & Pub Association, said: “A visit to the pub over Easter is one of life’s simple pleasures, but sadly for the second year in a row our pubs remain forced shut. “Thousands of pub goers in Scotland will be missing out on a trip to their local for a cold beer and pub dinner, as well as valuable time spent in the company of others. “It’s a major disappointment for pubs and publicans too, who cannot wait to reopen for their communities and for who the Easter trade would be a major boost. “Instead, they will miss out on selling some 8 million pints worth £31 million in trade to the sector in Scotland. “It is particularly sad as the sun will be out this Easter, yet people will not be able to soak up the rays in their local pub beer garden. “It is imperative the Scottish Government’s roadmap to reopening does not get delayed. We hope our pubs will be able to start re-opening from 26th April and fully open without any restrictions as soon as possible.”

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  • SBPA Respond to Tied Pubs (Scotland) Bill - ‘Huge and devastating blow’ to Scottish Pubs

    23 March 2021

    The Scottish Beer & Pub Association (SBPA) has tonight said that the Tied Pubs (Scotland) Bill, which passed Stage 3 in the Scottish Parliament will be disastrous for the industry. The Bill which was brought forward by Neil Bibby MSP will have a detrimental and long-lasting impact on Scotland’s tied pubs and the future of the model in the country. In response to the vote Emma McClarkin, CEO of Scottish Beer and Pub Association said: “Today is a sad day for Scotland’s pubs. In passing the Tied Pubs (Scotland) Bill, MSPs have sided against the recommendation of its own Economy, Energy and Fair Work Committee, and in despite of the fact that few pub tenants nor any pub company supported the plans, which will be disastrous for our sector. “This Bill puts the recovery of our sector in greater jeopardy and has been voted though despite any evidence at all of an issue. It comes just as pubs face their greatest challenge to survive following the pandemic and before we can even reopen. It is very disappointing - we have truly been let down by this ill-conceived Bill’. What is needed from our politicians to help pubs is to be focusing on reopening and supporting the sector into a strong recovery. This Bill puts the sector under more pressure at the worst possible time. “The result means we have more uncertainty for the sector as pub companies will be forced to pause investment in tied pubs, jeopardising the future of the model in Scotland. For entrepreneurs wanting to operate their own pub business, the cost to entry will rise and funding to innovate, diminish. And for small breweries who currently sell into tied pubs via pub company contracts, they will have to negotiate pub by pub, inevitability hitting sales and putting Scottish brewers at a significant disadvantage. For pubs, breweries and for Scottish pub goers, it’s a hugely retrograde step.“For a sector already hit the hardest through the pandemic this is a huge and devastating blow.”

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  • Hawthorn COO Edith Monfries Appointed President of Scottish Beer & Pub Association

    19 March 2021

    Edith Monfries, Chief Operating Officer of Hawthorn, the Community Pub Co., has been appointed as President of the Scottish Beer and Pub Association, the leading trade association for pubs and brewers in Scotland. Edith replaces Brian Davidson, who steps down after 4 years in the role, at a critical juncture for the pub and brewing sector in Scotland. With pubs having been largely closed or facing huge restrictions to trading for the past year, the role of working hand in hand with the Scottish Government to ensure the sector’s recovery and long-term future is vital. Speaking about her appointment Edith said “I am proud of my Scottish roots, so it's an honour to become President of the SBPA, an organisation which plays such an important role in providing a voice for our sector. Pubs are a crucial part of Scotland's social fabric, and I'm looking forward to working alongside the many talented and hardworking members of the SBPA to protect and promote the beer and pub sectors in Scotland." “We now have a re-opening plan to work towards and pubs and breweries across Scotland will be pleased that at last we are getting some clarity, but we still face huge challenges, not least with the Tied Pubs (Scotland) Bill currently progressing through Parliament. If passed it will have a devastating impact on tied pubs across Scotland and at a time when pubs need Parliament’s support more than ever.” Emma McClarkin, CEO of Scottish Beer and Pub Association said “I am delighted that Edith is joining us as President. It has never been a more pivotal time for breweries and pubs in Scotland as they face the huge task of rebuilding their businesses following a devastating year. So with Edith’s experience as an operator overseeing more than 100 pubs across Scotland, her guidance will be invaluable as we navigate going forward. I speak on behalf of all members when I say how grateful we are to Brian Davidson as his tenure as President comes to close, for championing pubs and breweries in Scotland on behalf of SBPA so passionately and effectively.”

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