Brexit - BBPA welcomes Migration Advisory Committee review on post-Brexit skills needs

Commenting on today’s opinion piece in the FT by Amber Rudd – ‘A post Brexit immigration system that works for all’, BBPA Chief Executive Brigid Simmonds said:

“I very much welcome the review by the Migration Advisory Committee – it is vital that there is a full understanding of the skills needs of all sectors, including the soft skills that are so vital to many pubs.
We will certainly be taking up Amber Rudd’s call to engage fully in the process.

“For pubs, around 20 per cent of the current UK pub workforce is from overseas, and this figure rises to 40 per cent plus, in metropolitan areas. The Home Secretary’s assurances today, that there will be no ‘cliff edge’ are therefore very welcome. Employers need more certainly in this key area, so they can plan staffing and training needs for the future.

“It is also vital that the existing rights to work in the UK, of our much-valued employees from the EU, are safeguarded. The UK government is, I know, working on this as a priority, and it is an issue which I hope can be resolved as soon as possible in the Brexit negotiations.