There are a number of opportunities available for anybody wanting to get into the beer and pub sectors. Whether working in the hospitality sector, or working at a brewery, there are a number of industry-led initiatives which will help you to get your foot in the door.

Why choose an apprenticeship in hospitality and catering?

Apprenticeships are an excellent way of progressing in the hospitality sector. The variety of roles available can help you to find your perfect job and develop the skills necessary to work in the industry.

Working in hospitality gives you an opportunity to work in a diverse workforce, which has plenty of opportunities for progression, and helps you to develop a career where no two days are the same.

Starting as an apprentice gives you the opportunity to combine employment and training, giving you the chance to earn money whilst you learn key skills necessary for your future career.

Apprenticeships are available at a number of levels in the sector, starting from level 2, meaning apprenticeships are available to people from those just starting their career in hospitality, to those already in the workforce but wanting to strengthen their skills.

Apprenticeships in brewing

Working as an apprentice in a brewery will help you to develop the niche skills required to produce beer at all stages of production. Working as a brewer requires a variety of skills in a diverse and unique role.

Brewer apprentices will learn not only how to brew beer, but how to understand regulatory requirements, design and development of new brands or the design and operation of equipment.

Organisations working to promote apprenticeships

We work with a number of organisations, such as Springboard UK and People 1st, to promote the importance of apprenticeships in our industry, work with organisations to develop apprenticeship programmes, or help individuals to gain leverage into the industry.

Benefits of apprenticeships for companies

Apprenticeships are a key part of success for companies. Apprentices can help to grow talent within the industry, ensuring that they are properly trained, reducing turnover in the industry and growing talent with the skills needed to succeed.

National Apprenticeship Week celebrates the opportunities of apprenticeships as a pathway to a number of career opportunities, as well as the success of apprenticeships for businesses to grow their own talent.

Examples of the types of apprenticeships available:

 Apprenticeships in hospitality

Level 2 apprenticeships could include alcoholic beverage service, food and beverage service or food production

Level 3 apprenticeships could include bar, food and beverage or hospitality outlet supervisors.

Level 4 apprenticeships include hospitality managers in a number of roles, including food and beverage service, hospitality outlet management and kitchen management.

Apprenticeships in catering

Apprenticeships for aspiring chefs include commis chef (level 2), chef de partie (level 3), senior chef production cooking (level 3) or senior chef culinary arts (level 4)

Apprenticeships in brewing

Currently, there are opportunities for aspiring brewers through an apprenticeship available at level 4.

 BBPA members – apprenticeship opportunities

Marston’s offer a number of apprenticeships throughout their business, from bar staff to kitchen staff.

Fuller’s run an apprenticeship programme, training a number of apprentice pub chefs

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